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Our Services

At Coastal Florida Home Watch, we provide the homeowner with the peace of mind that if any issues do occur in their home while they are away, we will identify and report it immediately. The homeowner can rest assured that issues will be reported quickly to aid in the timely filing of insurance claims if necessary.

How does it work?

  • We will meet with the homeowner and go over every step of the inspection process. Every home is unique, and we will address the needs of each individual home and homeowner.
  • Most homeowners will request weekly home inspections and reports, but frequency varies depending on your needs.

A typical inspection is as follows.

  • Arrange timing with the homeowner and ensure that any security systems are disabled during the inspection. In fact, we can act as your Security Alarm Notification Agent when you are not available.
  • We will arrive at the home and conduct a detailed visual inspection of the exterior. We are looking for potential safety or security concerns. Broken windows? Evidence of forced entry or vandalism? Damage to screens or porch enclosures? Exterior lighting functional?
  • We will remove mail, papers, and flyers from your mailbox and walkway.
  • We will check your yard and landscaping for maintenance issues. Has landscape maintenance been performed? Are there any erosion or drainage issues? Damage from fallen trees or limbs? Outdoor faucets leaking? Evidence of pest infestation? We will check outdoor breaker panel if applicable, verify irrigation zones are working, and water specific plants if requested.
  • Pool/Spa inspection (if applicable) Is the pool pump running during visit? We will check chemical level with test strips, check for visible leaks or damage, and add water if required.
  • Home Interior. We will check your interior breaker panel. We will verify that your HVAC is running and check the thermostat setting and temperature reading. We will examine all doors and windows for damage. We flush all toilets and run water in all drains. We will check refrigerators and freezers to ensure they are cooling properly. We will change your A/C filter, operate all lights and fans, and look for evidence of pest infestation.
  • Storm Services. We will secure missile hazards prior to imminent hurricanes. As soon as we are permitted to reenter the area, we will conduct a post storm assessment and report findings to the homeowner.
  • Concierge Services. Other services can be arranged as needed. Start and run vehicles if requested. No driving. Keyholder service. Package acceptance service. Liaison between homeowner and contractors or other service providers. Quality check of contractor’s work

Concierge Services:

We will be happy to assist our clients with whatever they need to open and close up their homes for the season. We can arrange cleaning, maintenance, landscaping, etc. We provide basic handyman services, and can put our homeowners in contact with qualified craftsmen for more complicated jobs.

Just let us know what you need and when you’re arriving, and we will take care of your shopping for you. We can provide our clients with a pantry and refrigerator filled with their favorite items, making their return home much more enjoyable.

Coastal Florida Home Watch is owned and operated by a former licensed Building Contractor and General Motors retiree from the state of Michigan, and a retired Navy Chief Petty Officer (Electronics Technician). Honesty and integrity are of the utmost importance to us. We will treat your home as we would want someone to treat ours. References available upon request.

If you don’t currently have someone performing the above services for you, please contact Coastal Florida Home Watch and allow us to care for your home while you are away from your “little piece of Paradise”!